About Nest academy

Nest Academy, previously known as College of Business & Service Excellence (CBSE), is a recognized Sri Lankan hotel school, registered with the TVEC and SLITHM. We provide our students comprehensive knowledge in the fields of hospitality and tourism, while empowering them with professional skills and practical training through the use of cutting-edge facilities.

Our institute caters to students who seek knowledge in the fields of Hotel Management , Pastry & Bakery , Business and Language. Nest Academy would be the best destination for school leavers who are dreaming of lucrative careers in hoteliering and tourism.

Why choose Nest academy

Tourism is an industry of extreme global demand. Here’s what you can accomplish at Nest Academy, in addition to the completion of your course;

Local and foreign career opportunities

Careers in star class hotels, airlines, cruise ships

TVEC/NVQ registered, globally recognized qualifications

Practical training in a modern kitchen

Language proficiency

In addition to these, explore more benefits for the students provided by us as we concern about their convenience and improvement.

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No. 11, First Lane,


Sri Lanka.

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